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Splitsville is a social utility
for anyone going through a split.

This could be that epic breakup of your twenties, a shattering mid-life
divorce or an implosion of your long-term domestic partnership.
No matter what the gritty details are, your life is changing and you
are no longer defined by your romantic relationship.
And that’s a good thing because “me” is the new “we.”

Joining is easy:

No lengthy profile questions to answer, no pictures to obsess
over and you don’t have to use your real name.

Get started

    • Once you join,

      you can jump into an existing conversation, post a new topic or just hang out and take it all in.

    • If you like what certain people are saying

      and want to hear more from them, you can invite them to be your “Neighbor”, chat with them in real time and build up your personal network.

    • You can also tailor what you see

      based on the stage of your split (pre, during, post) as well as user moods and topics.

In Splitsville, you’ll chat, vent,
ask questions and get answers.

Exchange your thoughts and experiences around
this complex, demanding—and often exciting—time of your life.
Oh, and membership is totally free (so you’ll have more money
to buy that motorcycle your ex wouldn’t let you get).

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